After more than 20 years in operation and with a stable client portfolio, the Malaga-based plant that belonged to Raytheon Microelectronics has now become a part of the American Industrial Acquisition Corporation, to create the MADES brand.

MADES retains all the clients, programmes and over 20 years of experience and success, as it now embarks on a new journey full of enthusiasm and expansion. The company’s activities focus on the manufacturing, fine-tuning, modification and testing of electronic cards, guidance and actuation systems, sub-assemblies and other electronic equipment for critical applications.

As it holds certification under ISO 9001, EN9100 Aerospace, ISO/TS 16949 Automotive, NATO AQAP2120 and NADCAP 7120 Electronics, MADES is the perfect industrial plant for large-scale integrators aiming to maximise their resources in the supply chain with suppliers of electronic systems that can also deliver multiple solutions with high value-added.

MADES now aims during 2016 to continue its level of national and international expansion, while also maintaining and caring for its broad spectrum of current clients.