New systems for new needs: Electronics Manufacturing Services to improve safety in smart cities

2020-10-08 06:44 - MADES

What makes smart cities so fascinating? Cities such as London, Tokyo and Toronto have some interesting features- wireless connectivity, dynamic monetization and trustworthy security. Indeed, safety is one of the hallmarks of a smart city. Electronics manufacturing systems must prioritize this aspect to make smart cities livable.

Smart Cities and Safety

The core aim of a smart city is to improve quality of life using technology. Without solving urban challenges, a smart city may not have meaningful impact at all. Safety concerns remain serious challenges in urban environments globally.

  • Smart technologies, alongside modern analytics and big data, offer a good answer to these challenges. This is not to say that they are about to replace the human aspect of policing. Instead, they are transforming the conventional policing models to adapt to modern needs.
  • New systems not only enhance community engagement, but also enhance public safety. A recent report reveals that smart technologies can help reduce urban crime by 40%. That explains why every smart city is pursuing the latest security technologies.
  • Conventional surveillance techniques have been instrumental in reduction of crime rates, social unrest and terror attacks. However, this approach alone is not enough. Internet connection of water supply, power supply, public transport and such amenities is recipe for disaster, unless cyber-attacks are controlled. New electronic systems built for modern challenges are playing a big role in promoting safer smart cities.

Advancement of Electronic Systems

Smart cities achieve their goal using Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Geospatial Technology and Internet of Things (IoT). Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Sensors are also relevant components.

Cities can leverage electronic technology to enhance safety. Electronic sensors are part of the major solutions that continue to define the future of smart cities. These devices play a central role in the safety of smart cities. Face mask detection systems, social distancing solutions, flood alarms, fire detectors, surveillance cameras and intrusion alarms can connect to the police or emergency response teams.

These systems continue to advance in leaps and bounds to align to safety needs. Smart cities across the globe are responding to advancement in Internet of Things (IoT) and digitalization to optimize electronic systems. Extensive research is ongoing for sensors in areas such as temperature, humidity, 3D camera, flow and radar. Supporting technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robots only serve to expand the relevance of advanced electronic systems for smart cities.

MADES, the Reliable Smart City Partner

Leading smart cities in the world apply the best electronic systems for safety. MADES role in the quest to make smart cities safer is to supply the best electronic systems for modern cities. This includes complex ones such as Surveillance, Telemetry, Radar, Radio-Frequency, Power Electronics, Electro-Optics, and Target Identification. Our high-quality manufacturing processes support our clients to quickly and smoothly bring their products to market. Our manufactured systems not only enhance security, but also bring added user convenience.

We have a team with all the necessary qualities to help customers in smart cities enjoy the benefits of digital electronics without having to understand the intricacies of the technology. Our technical prowess in electronics manufacturing systems was passed on from Raytheon and Hughes Aircraft. We have a rich product portfolio that includes connectivity devices, actuators, sensors and power products. That explains why we are trusted suppliers for prominent clients in Europe and North America.

We would like to hear about the security needs of your city and discuss our expertise manufacturing key electronic systems for smart cities. Get in touch with our expert today.