Electronics Manufacturing Services for defense: the importance of choosing reliability

2020-10-01 06:33 - MADES

The security and defense sector find themselves in a continuous process of evolution. Due to the strategies, the planning, and the technology this industry requires, this sector needs to invest in new technologies in order to adapt to the new needs of a globalized world.

The defense sector, updated and industrialized

Since the beginning of the digital era, the defense sector has always been a leader in innovation and has primarily focused on developing electronic systems that would adapt to military needs.

With highly specialized equipment, this sector knows that choosing quality electronic systems guarantee reliability, a key factor given the importance the industry has in the safety of citizens. Thus, more and more companies decide to digitalize and upgrade their processes and electronic systems.

Benefits of digital transformation in the manufacture of defense systems

Digitalization and automation of manufacturing defense systems offer several benefits that affect not only the manufacturing companies but also the community they are protecting.

  • Less human error. The use and implementation of high-technology electronic systems decreases the risks of accidents and human losses. Thanks to control and precision during the manufacturing process, quality electronic systems can anticipate an error, avoid it, and recognize the pattern so the mission is not put at risk.
  • Better reliability and protection. Engineers and technicians who specialize in the sector have a vast knowledge of the functionality of the equipment, as well as the manufacturing digital processes. Due to the investment in qualified human capital and the use of modern technologies, the resulting electronic systems are more reliable and effective.
  • Constant innovation. The security and military industry needs to keep up to date on innovation in order to face the new needs of the sector and its digital transformation. Choosing a leading company in innovation with great experience in the industry means quality, technology, and specialization; key elements needed to adapt to the specific needs of each client, and to offer systems that are compatible with the global age.
  • Investment profitability. The sector is highly specialized. However, not all electronic systems have the support and help of a company that assures equipment upgrades, personalized support during the life cycle, and direct assistance to solve incidents. Choosing reliable electronic systems on the basis of their design and their manufacture will reduce acquisition costs, repairs, and unnecessary replacements in the long-term.

MADES, guaranteed global quality

Our team knows that digitalization in the manufacturing process is essential to offer quality services. But excellency in manufacture needs more than that. Relying on a leading company in the sector will help meet projects’ deadlines, guarantee the reliability of the systems manufactured, and offer assistance and monitoring during the whole life cycle of the product.

Specialized in critical electronic systems, MADES is a leading company in the manufacturing of systems for defense and safety. The critical systems we offer use error-prevention and include processes that meet or exceed the controls and regulations our clients require. For instance, we are certified and highly experienced with NATO PECAL AQAP2110, Nadcap 7120, or related to international exports, including the North American International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the North American Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

At MADES we have participated in producing some of the most advanced electronic systems for defense. We offer manufacturing of unique systems such as surveillance, telemetry, radar, radio-frequency, power electronics, electro-optics, and target identification. We have been working for over 30 years to optimize each phase of the program’s management, from assisting the client in the development and industrialization processes, to the management of the supply chain, manufacturing, system testing, and support throughout the life cycle of the product. All of this is done with one goal in mind: to optimize the life cycle of electronic systems while offering the highest quality, trust, and safety for users and citizens.

Located in Málaga since 1990, MADES has become one of the leading providers of electronic manufacturing systems for defense in the USA and Europe. We have participated in world-wide known programs like Airbus A400M, Eurofighter EF-2000, the Tiger helicopter, armoured vehicles, naval communications systems, and European and North American missiles, among others.

Contact us to learn more about how the management of electronics systems in MADES can help your company meet new standards of reliability and protection.