10 Keys to Pick a Contract Electronics Manufacturing Service

2021-03-19 06:09 - MADES

Manufacturing businesses have evolved significantly as the internet has invaded the business environment amids stiff competition. If you are a manufacturer, it is exciting to know that you can now produce and sell items without having to invest in specialized knowledge and expensive equipment, thanks to the availability of contract manufacturing services. If you are looking for a reliable partner, here are 10 important points to consider. 

1. Is the company passionate?

A product is just a brainchild, until it hits the market. For it to reach full potential, you had better partner with a company whose passion matches your own. Efforts towards delivery times and quality product are a good yardstick. MADES clients’ stringent requirements serve as a catalyst to accelerate their products into the market. MADES takes pride in our client’s success, considering it key to our daily work. 

2. What is their expertise level?

Would you take chances with an inexperienced service provider or opt for a company specialized in items similar to your own? Your business will gain more insight if you partner with a company with a rich history of success like MADES’ electronic systems manufacturing service

Contract Manufacturing Services

Fig 1: MADES’ exemplary expertise and experience

3. Can you access their information? 

Prospective electronic contract manufacturing companies should be ready to share the appropriate level of detail you need to know to make an informed decision.  Manufacturing processes, details of test strategies, control plans, project plans for new product introduction, obsolescence risks, and so on are just examples of what MADES usually provides from the quotation stage.  

4. Where are they located?

There will be times when you need geographical proximity or a strategic location with the manufacturer. However, you better look for the overall proximity not only as the physical distance but as a measure of how close the supplier is to where you need them.  That measure is a combination of responsiveness,  proactiveness, information reliability, and trust. More than 30 years serving worldwide markets is strong evidence of MADES closeness to international customers.

5. Are payment options flexible? 

If yours is a cash-intensive business or a start-up, the flexibility of payments can be a deal breaker. A good partner shows that they believe in your product by being flexible in different ways, payment processes included. In MADES history there are many excellent examples of how MADES has helped those companies starting out to get off the ground, and of helping large companies to smooth out their cash needs.

6. Do they protect intellectual property? 

No matter the size of your manufacturing business, intellectual property is expensive. Potential violators can take advantage of the slightest opportunity, so the company must give guarantees of protection. MADES strict processes together with a non-compete service-oriented culture help reduce your risks. More than 3 decades of expertise endorse this commitment.

7. What is their financial status? 

When you go for contract manufacturing, you do not expect to experience problems such as delays or sub-par quality. Financial instability can breed all manner of hiccups, a reason why you should scrutinize the financial standing of the contract manufacturer. During our 30-year history, MADES has always fulfilled its commitments, even through difficult times. Today’s healthy financial situation guarantees our customers, suppliers and businesses freedom from unexpected issues.

8. Are they certified?

Contract manufacturing service providers operate in a regulatory environment. Identify the required standards for your product and find out if the company is compliant. In case they need to get into a new region outside their current area of operation, check if they qualify for the requested certifications. MADES’ wide spectrum of certifications covering ISO 9001, IATF 16949, AQAP 2110, AS9100, Nadcap 7120 Electronics or ISO 13485 amongst others ensures certified product manufacturing when required, as well as the profound expertise of the team behind. 

9. Are the personnel suitable for your needs? 

The human capital in a workforce will always affect the manufacturing process. The competencies of both management and line workers matter. It is also paramount that your personnel blends well with the partner’s team. MADES seniority with 30 years of experience manufacturing cutting-edge products, together with its low attrition rate, makes it the perfect match if you are looking for a partner where everyone row in the same direction.

10. Is the firm tech-savvy? 

Last but not least, find a partner whose technological prowess is higher than yours.  In this way you have a place where you can get valuable advice related to your product, which gives you a competitive edge. MADES  utilizes advanced equipment and experience in high-tech international projects, within different industries, that provides an invaluable and wide technical background to address your project with high confidence of success. 

Choosing  the contract manufacturing services company may appear risky because of the transfer of responsibility. But the gains can be substantial if the process is done properly. With hundreds of providers out there, only due diligence and thorough vetting can help you identify the best fit for your business. The long-term provision of quality service has placed MADES on a pedestal. MADES clients know that they can trust us to provide consistent, proven quality.

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