The Aerospace Committee of the AEC (the Spanish Association for Quality), of which MADES is a member, met on 26 February 2016 at MADES headquarters to learn the results of the seminar “Organisational Models in the Aerospace Sector” and to present the monograph study “Quality Costs”. MADES explained the evolution of the Six Sigma continuous improvement programme since it was first launched at the company more than fifteen years ago, giving examples of various successful case studies involving lean manufacturing and the optimisation of the supply chain in international programmes.

With a view to establishing a prestigious flagship in the field of Quality for the aerospace sector, providing its members and the companies they belong to with an opportunity for improvement and progress, the experts of the Aerospace Committee aim to create a useful meeting point for companies in the sector and the members of the Committee themselves.

The meeting was undertaken in accordance with principles of participation and the exchange of high-level individual ideas among the Committee delegates.