Industrial Control Electronics: Devices, Systems and Applications

Industrial Control Electronics: Devices, Systems and Applications

2020-12-17 09:00 - MADES

Your partnership with an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) firm will preferably last for years or even decades. It is often a valuable investment in resources and understanding, with longer partnerships delivering more value. In other words, selecting an industrial control electronics provider is a crucial step to maximize value. 

Maybe the best way to gauge the suitability of a contract manufacturer is to look at their industrial control electronics: devices, systems, and applications. Here we will detail what industrial control covers, its importance, and the role played by MADES electronics. 

What’s in industrial control electronics?

Any manager or proprietor in an industrial facility will reiterate that having a reliable control system is the hallmark of safe and reliable operations. Now imagine a situation whereby operators are unable to effectively monitor and manage industrial processes, for instance in transportation or power generation. 

At the mention of industrial control, many people will focus on quality assurance. But it is important to appreciate that the benefits go beyond this segment. Firms enjoy lower operating costs, reduced waste, and more efficient decision making. 

Industrial control systems fall under either process control or motion control. Motion control systems are popularly referred to as servomechanisms, and are mostly found in industrial automation. Process control systems are categorized as either continuous processes or batch processes

Process control focuses on regulation of one or more variables during the manufacturing process. Examples of variables that can be controlled by industrial control electronics are humidity, temperature and flow rate. Is there a more important component of these processes than electronics? 

MADES is a renowned for quality electronics for industrial control, assisting clients across the globe to implement cutting-edge systems for superior results.  

MADES Industrial Electronics- Dependable and Wide Application

Many industry clients these days need specific components and parts. While it is true there are others out there who can possibly deliver these solutions,  there are some things that can only be done right by providers who have always done it. The same case applies for industrial control electronics devices systems and applications.  

MADES has proven expertise in manufacturing industrial control electronics for a wide range of industries. Our customers in the transportation sector, manufacturing, and others can attest to the relevance of our solutions to their businesses. 

We have consistently given our clients customized packages of industrial control electronics that are characterized by:

  • Electronics design
  • Electronics manufacture 
  • Design prototypes
  • Product assembly
  • After-sale support 
  • And much more

 As soon as you contact us, you tap into decades of experience in industrial control engineering. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team is on standby to deliver world-class industrial control electronic solutions that match the latest technological innovations. 

All the electronic systems are manufactured to the highest global standards, with stringent testing procedures. With this capability it is not a surprise that we have a wide portfolio of products, all with minimal failure rates. Our on-time delivery metrics and our production process rejection rates are far better than industry standards.

Examples of our industrial control electronic systems and devices are:

  • Supervisory control & data acquisition systems
  • Utility meters & pre-payment 
  • Railway traffic control 
  • Transponders
Quality MADES Electronics for Critical Industrial Control

Fig 1: Quality MADES Electronics for Critical Industrial Control


Our Industrial Control Electronics

Maybe you would like to survey our industrial control electronics devices systems and applications or learn more about our workforce’s prowess in Six Sigma tools and techniques. You can always reach our team here.

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