We design the testing strategies that best suit each individual client and product. MADES uses a complete series of electronic, functional and environmental computerised optical tests to rate new designs and to guarantee consistent quality. These include automated optical inspections, flying probe tests, x-ray inspections and in-circuit tests. The development of functional tests is one of our key services for which there is the most demand among our clients. We also have the capacity to perform heat, moisture, shock and stability-under-vibration tests.

Our ability to protect electronic systems with a wide range of technologies and varnishing or conformal coating materials also enables us to offer our clients robust solutions for their needs.


MADES efficiently integrates its advanced electronic capabilities to achieve turnkey solutions for the client. We offer our clients comprehensive, integral production services which involve cutting-edge electronics and the manufacture and integration of subsystems.

Based on industrial, aerospace and defence products, MADES offers all-round solutions for the most complex of products and programmes, from their initial conception and design to the final stages of production and integration.