25 years delivering
high reliability electronics

Good Team, Good Tools, Good Work from the Very Start

Founded in 1990, MADES was the first company to set up in the Andalusia Technology Park as Hughes Microelectronics in April 1992. Shortly afterwards, in 1997, the plant became part of the Raytheon Company following the acquisition of the Hughes Aircraft division, to which we belonged.

Now as MADES, 25 years on, the facility continues to be a major player in the industry. From the start, we opted for Malaga as an epicentre from which we could harness growth potential and the range of opportunities to offer competitive services for the manufacture and integration of electronic systems, both within Spain and internationally.

In fact, MADES has evolved to the point where it has become a leading supplier of high-precision electronic systems and subsystems for the aerospace, defence and industrial markets.

A company can only be sustainable if it evolves continuously, in terms of both talent and capability.

The main changes can be seen in our team. The growth and development of our workforce has enabled MADES to become a technological partner of leading aerospace and defence companies, typically tier-ones and major contractors.

This experience allows us to diversify our area of business into high-reliability industrial applications, where we can underscore our presence in the medical, automotive and energy markets among others.

These improvements should also be applied to capabilities. In this respect, the constant investments in equipment keep MADES at the forefront of technology. Primarily, we strengthen our product development and industrialisation offer, basing our strategy on the needs of our clients. MADES is aware that one of the main challenges facing the industry is bringing innovative ideas and projects to the market at competitive prices and in a record time.

Inspiring, discovering and creating together for more than 25 years

  • 1990

    Hughes Microelectronics Europa España sets up in Malaga.

  • 1992

    Opening of the plant in the Andalusia Technology Park. The first microchips for pet identification are manufactured, along with prepayment keys and driver assistance systems, including airbag control modules. Airbag control modules make it possible to develop best practices in process control, advanced quality, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing, thus broadening our multinational scope.

  • 1997

    Raytheon acquires the plant in Malaga, which changes its name and comes to be known as Raytheon Microelectronics España. Among other lines of business, it starts a new production line to make “fishfinders” and sonar modules for Raymarine.

  • 2003

    The factory in Malaga joins ELCAN Optical Technologies, a division of Raytheon. We complement its optical capabilities with our presence in Europe and the support we provide for its electro-optical systems. We begin to manufacture the first electronic systems for aeronautics and defence, applying the best practices we have developed over the first 10 years of experience in critical industrial and automotive electronic systems.

  • 2011

    As part of a high-level restructuring operation within Raytheon, the Malaga plant splits from ELCAN, and becomes known as Raytheon Spain. With a greater focus on our electronic manufacturing capacities and new investments in process control and reliability, we increase our value offer for clients, opening new programmes and lines of business both within Spain and internationally.

  • 2015

    The North American group American Industrial Acquisition Corporation (AIAC) acquires the Malaga plant from Raytheon. Our name changes to MADES (Malaga Aerospace, Defense and Electronics Systems). We retain our strategy, systems human resources and clients, which form a solid basis for future growth. The Malaga plant now has greater freedom when exploring different opportunities and markets. AIAC undertakes to keep improving the robust systems it has inherited, and to invest in expansion and technological development efforts.