MADES’ electronic systems manufacturing service allows us to produce electronic systems and cards in a flexible and highly competitive way, while also offering comprehensive support and “Box Build” services. One of the great attributes of MADES’ manufacturing service is its versatility and capacity to adapt quickly to new markets and technologies.

Our technical knowledge stems from a commitment to quality and an important legacy in the world of electronics, which was passed on to us by Raytheon and Hughes. Our combined success stories not only define who we are and how we work, but also represent a promise of what we are capable of achieving in the future.

The trust that clients place in MADES translates into relationships that last for many years. There are countless examples of clients of ours who have used MADES services for more than 15 years without interruption. These clients value MADES’ experience, electronic capabilities, determining processes and reliable programme management when relying on the outsourcing of critical systems and subsystems to be able to market new products quickly and cost-effectively.