MADES supports technological development and the innovation ecosystem through a number of partnerships and projects.

Our procedures and competitiveness are being refined on a constant basis thanks to the MADES Six Sigma method for continuous improvement and lean management, principles which have been established as part of our culture.

“MADES Fast-to-Market”: Industrialisation, Reliability, Lean Thinking and Responsible Supply Chain Management is what our team does best.

This calling card allows MADES to present itself as a benchmark in the industrialisation of electronic systems. Not surprisingly, MADES shares its experience and vision with associations that are linked to the development of the industry: TEDAE (Spanish Association of Technology Companies for Defence, Aeronautics and Space); SPACE (Supply chain Progress towards Aeronautical Community Excellence), Hélice – Andalusian Aerospace Cluster; the Aeronautical Systems Group of Malaga; AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification); AEC (Spanish Association for Quality); among others.