How to Find the Electronics Contract Manufacturing Company that Best Suits Your Project

2021-01-17 01:53 - MADES

As industrial robotics, medical electronics and other electronic industries continue to grow, the demand for PCBs, active and passive electronic components is on a record high. The Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and electric cars are some of the trends we expect to maintain this heightened demand for electronic components.

Fig 1: Growth of Electric Car Stock from 2013-2019 (Source)


If you are a line business where electronic components are central, you will agree that the need to partner with an electronics manufacturer has never been direr. You will also concur that to achieve your goal of being a premium company, a relationship of mutual cooperation and respect is important. The choice of an electronics contract manufacturing company that suits your project is crucial to meeting your business goals. Yet, finding the best firm for this partnership is not always straightforward.

Why electronics contract manufacturing?

If you need electronic cards, modules or systems, yet you are short of workforce, technology, equipment or space, then electronics contract manufacturing is designed for people like you. There are a few positives that accompany this kind of partnership.

Electronics contract manufacturing with the right company can bring savings to your business. Since you don’t need to invest in production facilities and workforce, you can avoid capital costs. Contract manufacturing can also be a means of saving on labor costs.

Find the right electronics contract manufacturing company and you will have access to advanced skills. Most of these electronics manufacturers have superior methods of efficiency and strong relationships with suppliers.

Manufacturing electronics on your own may be an expensive affair. Electronics contract manufacturers have many customers so they tend to enjoy economies of scale when acquiring raw materials. Ultimately, they are able to offer friendly price per unit.

Finding the Best Electronics Manufacturer

Choosing an investor is probably the only more important decision to your company than deciding on the best electronics contract manufacturer. This decision will probably be done at the board-level so having all the details laid out is crucial. Once you choose a manufacturer, it might be extremely time consuming and expensive to change in future.

How good are the leadership and the team at the company? A quality contract manufacturing company is knowledgeable in electronics. They also have built a strong reputation, are certified, and have probably won some awards.

Customers for the electronics manufacturer also matter. Are their customers satisfied? Do they have any long term clients? Be wary of a company that cannot demonstrate a previous or current customer that is almost similar to you. Take the effort to call some random past customers to find out why they terminated their contracts.

How do they price their electronics contract manufacturing services? Note that electronics manufacturers have many elements embedded in their prices, from transportation to yield loss, and storage to fees. I would recommend an all-inclusive fee with no chances of added costs later.

Other helpful points are:

  • Industries covered
  • Production quality
  • Flexibility to specific needs
  • Certifications and compliance

The Takeaway

We hope that this short discussion has provided you important tips about finding the electronics contract manufacturing company that best suits your project. We have learnt from experience that customers are the foundation of any electronic contract manufacturing business. That’s why MADES is a renowned supplier of system-level high-reliability electronic assemblies for sectors ranging from Aerospace and Defense to Medical or Industrial. To support our customers, we offer complete electronic manufacturing services covering:

  • Design from specs
  • Industrialization
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing & integration
  • Lifecycle support

Reach us today so we can discuss your project needs.

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