By including MADES engineers as part of your integrated product team, you ensure superior electronic and mechanical design excellence from the beginning. Leveraging MADES’ engineering experience and capabilities can shorten program cycle time and produce more cost effective and reliable products in record time.


The key at MADES is to start with manufacturing success in mind and work backward to the optimum design. MADES customers have come to rely on MADES to deliver consistent and proven production. MADES program management achieves this by approaching all projects with an integrated product team. Customer focus provides reliable status updates at the most demanding development stages to support the most aggressive production schedules.


The design and manufacture of complex electronic systems has been one of MADES’ core capabilities for over 25 years. MADES’s electronic manufacturing service provides flexible and highly competitive fabrication of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies, as well as complete box build and distribution services. One of the great attributes of MADES’ manufacturing capabilities is its versatility and ability to readily adapt to new markets and technologies.


Our expertise derives from a commitment to quality and great legacies in the world of electronics inherited from Raytheon, ELCAN and Hughes. Our combined histories of accomplishments not only define who we are and the way we work; it also promises what we are capable of accomplishing in the future.


We design test strategies that best adapt to each customer and product. MADES utilizes a full suite of computerized optical, electronic, functional and environmental tests for qualifying new designs and insure consistent quality. These include Automatic Optical Inspection, Flying Probe Testing, X-ray, In-Circuit tests. Functional test development is one of our key services most demanded by our customers. We also have thermal, humidity, shock and vibration testing ability.


Our ability to protect the electronic assembly wide range of Conformal Coating materials and technologies also allow us to provide our customers with additional rugged solutions for their needs.

integration & services

MADES seamlessly integrates its advanced electronics capabilities to final turn-key customer solutions. We offer our customers complete end-to-end production services, including leading edge electronics, manufacturing, and sub-system integration.


Additional services such as Design for Manufacturing, Industrialization, Obsolescence Monitoring, strategic purchases, and obsolete products redesign are other examples of what MADES can offer. All of these services are included as a part of MADES’ comprehensive support throughout the product’s life-cycle.


From Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial products MADES delivers complete solutions for even the most complex products and programs starting from initial concept and design, through to final production and integration.