25 years delivering
high reliability electronics

25 years delivering
high reliability electronics

Right Team, Right Tools, Right the First Time


Established in 1990, MADES (formerly Raytheon Spain) has evolved into a leading supplier for precision electronic systems and subsystems for the Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial markets.


Our modern world-class facility located in Malaga, Spain, encompasses over 67,000 sq ft, and employs over 100 skilled engineers, technicians and operators. Proof of our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction can also be seen in our Quality Certifications:


ISO 9001:2008 | AS9100 Aerospace | NATO PECAL/ AQAP 2120 | ISO/TS 16949 | NADCAP 7120 Electronics

our vision

MADES’ vision is to be the world’s leading supplier of precision electronics that conform to all established requirements and exceed the highest expectations of our customers. We want to assure customers that their orders will be executed using the most advanced manufacturing processes, highest technology available, and passionate professionals using the most stringent management systems yet devised.

our mission

MADES uses its rigorous Six Sigma program as a method for delivering continuously increasing levels of customer value. We use these principles in the pursuit of perfection. These principles are the foundation for our Corporate Culture – Mission Assurance.


MADES has built a reputation by creating the most demanding high precision electronics systems. “Demanding” often means the end-user is relying on the electronics in their products to work perfectly at a critical moment. Our customers depend on us to do our jobs right – so they can do theirs. Our Corporate Culture is your Quality Assurance.


  • 1990

    Hughes Microelectronics Europa España is established in Malaga

  • 1992

    Facility is opened at the Technology Park of Andalucía. First microchips for pet identification are manufactured, together with pre-payment keys, and automotive navigation systems, including airbag control modules. Manufacturing airbag control modules allow the development of best practices in process control, advanced quality, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing, extending our multinational exposure.

  • 1997

    The Malaga facility is acquired by Raytheon, changing the name to Raytheon Microelectronics España and, among others, starting a new business line of “fishfinders” and marine radars for Raymarine.

  • 2003

    The Malaga facility is integrated into ELCAN Optical Technologies, a division of Raytheon. We complement ELCAN optical capabilities with our presence in Europe and supporting their electro-optical systems. We start manufacturing the first electronic systems for aerospace and defense using our best practices developed during the first 10 years on automotive and industrial critical electronics.

  • 2011

    As part of a higher level restructuring within Raytheon, the Malaga facility separates from ELCAN, using the brand name Raytheon Spain. With greater focus on our electronics manufacturing capabilities and new investments on process control and reliability, we strengthen the value provided to customers, starting new business lines and programs both in Spain and internationally.

  • 2015

    U.S. based American Industrial Acquisition Corporation (AIAC) acquires the Malaga facility from Raytheon. Our brand name is changed to MADES (Málaga Aerospace, Defense and Electronics Systems). Strategy, systems, employees, and customers remain unchanged and form a solid base for future growth. Malaga is now freer in exploring diverse markets and opportunities. AIAC commits to further improve robust systems inherited, invest in expansion and technological development efforts.